NEW GALLERY - National park in winter

08th September 2008
I hadn't updated properly for while and feeling a little guilty. Having only 3 1/2 months left in New Zealand I've been feeling like I have to make the most of every free weekend and get out to the places I haven't seen.
I was down in National park 2 weekends ago and it wasn't a disappointment. The weather in the North Island has apparently been terrible this winter, although not really any worse than a Scottish summer. Weeks of heavy precipitation has resulted in the highest snowfall in a decade in National park.
My latest gallery includes images from the tongariro crossing and views of the mountains from National Park, and the Forgotten World Highway .

I have also made more minor updates to the Auckland gallery, and the North Island gallery including photos of the endangered flightless Takahe.

Some of the photos are yet without titles but this should be sorted in the next few days.