Predicting and viewing the aurora

Aurorawatch UK
Auroral activity in the UK updated every hour. The magnetometer is based near Aberdeen in North East Scotland. You can sign up to aurora alerts via email.
Solarham has crammed an unbelievable amount of information onto a single page and for that reason has become one of my first stops when trying to predict auroral activity. It is also updated very regularly.
Spaceweather provides an excellent summary of current conditions and short term forecast. It is more user friendly than solarham, but less information.
Space Weather Live
A Belgian site with lots excellent well organised information. The FAQ section under 'Help' is particularly useful in understanding what the information means. You can subscribe to alerts.
NOAA space weather now
Another excellent site full of information.
Geophysical institute - University of Alaska
Another popular site although I rarely use it.
Met Office weather
Even if the space weather conditions are good we still need clear skies. I generally use the Met Office for UK weather. It provides a useful cloud cover forecast. I have not linked directly to this as the website is currently being upgraded.

Aurora photography

Jim Henderson photography
Jim Henderson has by far the most extensive collection of auroral photography I have seen in the UK. His site is full of excellent images and well worth a visit.
Stewart Watt photography
Superb aurora images from the northern tip of Scotland. Also a fine collection of other night and landscape photography.
Chee Seong flickr photostream
Several beautiful aurora images amongst a wealth of brilliant landscape shots
Kenny Muir flickr photostream
Contains all the aurora images here as well as those that didn't make the cut!
├ľrvar Atli ├×orgeirsson - Arctic Photo
Award winning photography covering stunning aurorascapes and landscapes in Iceland.

Kite aerial photography

Kite Aerial photography - Armadale
Aerial shots of a northern English town with comprehensive links to other sites
Kite aerial photography (KAP) by Simon Harbord
Simon, a fellow Scotsman, has many brilliant photographs taken from a camera suspended from a kite. He is also the inventor of the 'Autokap' device which I have been using with my own kite and camera.

New Zealand landscape photography

Andris Apse
My all time favourite landscape photographer


Peakbagging - Tramping and hiking in NZ
An extremely informative guide on New Zealand's peaks and climbing them. Definitely worth a look if you are into tramping in NZ
Kenny Muir - Flickr page
You will find many of my photos hidden away here too, as well as over a thousand others!
Thomas Tosh cafe, art gallery, gift shop. Thornhill. D&G
A gallery, cafe, gift and antique shop in Thornhill, Dumfries and Galloway.
Auckland Photographic Society
A great place in Auckland to meet other keen photographers. I was a member from August 2007-December 2008

Other landscape photography

Dan Edmunds Photography
Dans inspirational website features exceptional seascape and landscape photography from Guernsey (English Channel) and beyond. His portfolio from a recent trip to New Zealand is also superb and definitely worth a look.

Scottish Landscape photography

Ian Cameron - Transient Light
Some of the finest Scottish landscape photographs I have seen. Eclipses everything you will find on this webpage.
Brian Kerr photography - landscape and seascape photography
Superb photographs of rock carvings, standing stones and other landscapes from northern England and southern Scotland
Billy Currie - Photography Holidays, Courses and Workshops
Billy has made some of the finest Scottish landscape images I have seen. His work is definitely worth a good look around and he is now offering professional courses in some of Scotland's finest natural locations.
Chris Frear Photography
A friend and a Thornhill based photographer. Chris has documented local life around Thornhill brilliantly. His website is definitely worth checking out especially if you are from that neck of the woods.

Technique related

Cambridge in colour
A great site to learn about digital photography. Plenty of well written in depth information. There are some fantastic photos too.